Written for the Cloud Empire Creative Blog

So, the bad news is artists and bands have this crazy tendency to think that having a website means coming up with as much meaningless bullshit content as possible. The good news is that it’s not 🙂 It’s better to have something simple and effective than complicated and convoluted.

So if you’re looking to move past the ‘redirect-our-url-to-our-bandcamp’ phase, here are four things you definitely should have on your site:

  1. Prominently Displayed Social Links: If you’re website is literally a landing page to connect with your other content, make it visible. Any social or music channel you have content on should be linked somewhere in the top 50% of your website. Once above the navigation (if you have it) and again at the bottom of the page somewhere should do the trick.
  1. High Quality Media: if you’re tired of promoters pulling bad pictures of your personal Facebook, put good quality pictures on your website. Make it easy for them to download the high quality file & voila! No more pixelated pictures from that Battle of the Bands you played in 2009. Same thing goes for your other media – if there’s a song you want an interested agent to hear, or a really great video that shows of your band’s personality – make it accessible!!
  1. Tour Dates: This is something I’m guilty of too… people are always telling me that I need to post where I’m playing so they can come. There’s some easy fixes though – embedding a BandsInTown widget on your site or using a WordPress plugin to create a calendaring system both solve the problem. It also makes you seem very organized and professional to anyone looking at your site that may be interested in working with you.
  1. Blog: This is for the more serious musician, but can be super effective in staying connected to your fans. Writing about what’s going on in your world – from the last article you read on Huffington post to talking about that funny thing that happened outside the bar at your last show – can make those little teeny boppers who buy a t-shirt every time their parents drive them to a show fall even more in love with you. Just be yourself and talk to your audience. It’s always amazing  how much they seem to listen.

Hope these tips help! If you have any other must-haves that you’d like to see on a music website, leave them in the comments!